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You instead feel perplexed by the very existence of the love or connection, or feel compelled to act upon it and try to ‘make something’ out of it.During a session with my kinesiologist where I explained to her how my father and I haven’t spoken since a few days after the wedding and how we’d had a series of awful run-in’s in the month before that (I asked my stepfather who raised me from when I was 6 to walk me down the aisle and then my father and his family all kicked off and I ended up with both walking me), she said that even if we never meet our parents, there is often an unconditional love that’s there and formed as a baby that can run counter to everything we know and experience.I have no regrets about them both walking me down the aisle as I made a wholehearted decision (with my back against the wall…) as ultimately I was caught between a rock and a hard place – the alternative would have cast a very dark shadow over the day.I’ve had various connections and what I thought at the time were ‘love’ which when I changed how I felt about me and my habits, these ceased to mean anything, and yet, it was only recently that I realised that there is one still there… I know that I’m not alone in experiencing conflicting feelings about someone who it feels like we ‘should’ have more decisive feelings for.It feels like it should be cut and dried and yet, it might not be, or it is cut and dried but some feelings still remain, even if it’s hurt.Look-up a charge on your credit card by clicking the PURCHASE FINDER button.