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Nevertheless, I remained stuck in cement shoes for years and years—only knowing my problems intellectually.
I have one criterion first and foremost: He has to be a nice person.

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The exhibition has been brought together by Delhi Crafts Council to celebrate their golden jubilee year.Over 80 artwork on display include depiction of domes flanked by minarets, decorated with designs of weeping willow, as clouds resembling Aladdin’s magical lamp hover from above.Tagore's heartland Santiniketan still follows the tradition and the university students tied Rakhi to neighbours and common people to give a message of harmony Not that friends really need a day to celebrate the camaraderie they share, but other than card companies promoting a special day for business, there is actually an international day of observance to mark the sentiment, not only on personal terms, but also politically and socially.Here's a look at history, diplomacy and mythology this friendship day.

Brothers may live with each other in adulthood, or grandparents may live with a young couple to help them raise their children.

Artists come together to protest the decision to dismantle the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Guwahati crafted by Ramkinkar Baij, India’s earliest modernist sculptor who gave the country some of its finest and earliest public works.

Following Tagore's call, hundreds of Hindus and Muslims in Kolkata, Dhaka and Sylhet came out in large numbers to tie Rakhi threads as a symbol of unity.

The terms "Trinidad White" and "Pass as White" are sometimes used to deride those who are considered White in Trinidad but would not be so considered elsewhere.

Trinidadians and Tobagonians (the population of Tobago is almost 100 percent of African descent) identify strongly with their home island and believe each other to be different culturally. Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost islands in the Caribbean Sea.