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Firefox bookmarks not updating dating service graphs

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To use Xmarks, just go to from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, click on button INSTALL NOW on their homepage. On Google Chrome, click on Wrench icon, choose Tools, then Extensions. I also have my website in bookmarks but it shows the old favicon: I've already took a look here but answers did not solved my problem. This forces a page refresh while clearing the cache. The image is probably cached in different places for the bookmark and the tab.The solution is probably very simple, but I have found nothing so far. If that doesn't work, try the favicon addon here I also found this code for refreshing it.Registration requires only your email address and a password.Registration allows Ever Sync to store your data in their servers, so your bookmarks are stored in the cloud and safely backed up. There are three ways you can do to start syncing bookmarks: Merge, Upload and Download.

To add a bookmark or favorite, select your preferred browser from the list below and follow the instructions.

To bookmark the page within the frame, right-click on the section of the page you want to bookmark and then add the bookmark or favorite through the window that appears. Web pages that have been created dynamically, require a login, or have frequently updated information, may expire after so many hours or days.

If you find your bookmark frequently expiring, we suggest bookmarking the main page and not a sub-page. It is also possible that the page location has changed, or that the page has been removed or no longer exists.

If you work with both Firefox and Chrome, an extension/add-on called Ever Sync does a superb job of syncing bookmarks between the two browsers.

Once installed, you’ll need to register for an Ever Sync account.