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Inheriting his father’s intellect, Peter grew to be a quiet, bookish, boy.
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I offer psychotherapy, consultation, and/or supervision via SKYPE or Face Time (also called telemedicine, distance therapy, telepsych, or telemental health).

Alcohol and drugs are clearly damaging when used in excess, but U. psychologists are reluctant to categorize the Internet in this way--especially when the Internet serves as a means of social interaction for many people. "Internet Gaming Disorder." Gaming Disorder Fact Block, Jerald J. "Should DSM-V Designate 'Internet Addiction' a Mental Disorder? Careful regulation of schedules, exercise and diet aim at helping reconnect the teens with the world around them.Such reports are often shared with various agencies and professionals, including other rehabilitation services, hospital settings, community teams, multi-Disciplinary team members, and other mental health professionals.Can someone get busted for having cyber sex with a minor, if there is no exchange of pictures and it is all done online?In this article I will discuss the use of ethnographic field research methods in cyberspace, focusing more specifically on my own ethnographic research of the online sexual practices of the inhabitants of AOL chat rooms.Below I will briefly describe this research to give readers an idea of the focus and findings of the study which I undertook.Experts subdivide Internet addiction into five areas--chat room relationships, cybersex, net compulsions (such as online shopping or gambling), video and online gaming and information overload.